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Getting Over The Fear

Last night I witnessed an attempted bag snatching. A couple were walking along the street with their luggage. A scooter with two men on it drove by . One guy leaned out, grabbed a handbag. The handle snapped. The lady got spun around. Her husband dropped his bag and took a swing at the guys. […]

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How To Sleeping

Sleep is so important you guys. It makes the difference between an enjoyable trip and a frustrating nightmare. But if you’re like me, then sometimes you find it hard to drift off. Especially when you’re in a new location. In the hunt for sleep, you have enemies. You’ve got city sounds, traffic noise, wild animals, […]

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MeetingPeople Solo Traveller

Meeting People

When I first started travelling, I made a mistake. I only booked single rooms. Why? Because I thought I needed my space. And yes, as a blogger, writer, cartoonist and all around creative genius (humble much?) I do need time to myself to get things done. Things that pay the rent. I also need time […]

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Avoiding McDonald’s

When you’re travelling, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of eating the same thing over and over again. If you haven’t done it, then you’ve seen it. Tourists standing in line for a McSomething. They’re eyes are either glazed over with hunger, or their avoiding looking at others. From shame. Why does this […]

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Untangling Homesickness

Today I learned that a close friend decided to end their travel early. They packed their bags, purchased a last-minute ticket, boarded the plane, and will shortly arrive in their home country. Why? Because they were homesick. What is it that makes people decide to up sticks and move back home? To answer this, we […]

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